Security Cameras

Not all security cameras are the same. Installing the proper cameras is key to ensuring they are there when needed most. Our experts will make you feel confident in your decision. From doorbell cameras to to whole wired systems. We can help.

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Burglar Alarms

Burglar Alarms in Twin Falls, ID have changed drastically. We offer only the most advanced security systems in the area. Our systems use an Android operating system so your system is always up to date. Not only is it the best security, we can also automate your locks, lights, doors and more.

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IT Services

Techabyte prides itself on bringing affordable quality IT services to Twin Falls. With IT Staff having years of experience and as a company, we take extra strides to understand and leverage current and leading technologies and make them available to our customers.

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Our Mission

Techabyte Technology Solutions offers the best in class security systems and customer service to the Magic Valley region. Our mission is simple: to make security accessible from anywhere and affordable to all, and thereby create safer communities."

We take pride in recruiting top support and tech teams to customize your home or business, from your security to your energy usage. With the latest state-of-the-art equipment, we can tailor our technology and services to your family and home.

Based in Twin Falls, we are local to Southern Idaho. We serve homes and businesses across the state. When you choose a local company, you can expect a consistently high standard of personalized service.Techabyte Technology Solutions recognizes and responds to your family’s security needs because we are part of your community.


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